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As soon as I arrived at the Riding House Cafe I was greeted by a friendly waitress and taken to a seat at the bar.  The bar, though full, was still spacious and the stools were surprisingly comfy.  The waiter was extremely attentive and didn’t mind that we were so busy gossiping it took us a good 15 minutes to actually even look at the menu.   All of the staff were efficient yet courteous and the clientelle all seemed casual yet well-groomed.  If there are more than 2 of you ging then you should definitely book as the place gets absolutely packed but if there are just 2 of you and you are happy to sit at the bar then walking in should be fine.  Even though it is moments away from Oxford Street there didn’t appear to be many tourists in there which as a Londoner I really appreciate!

I ordered a latte and my friend ordered a hot chocolate, both of which looked cute with patterns on the top and came quickly.  The latte was made well and wasn’t too strong or bitter.  We both ordered the chorizo hash browns which came with 2 poached eggs and a mushroom.  The eggs were some of the best which I have had at brunch and whilst I wasn’t expecting the hash brown to be quite so spicy it was delicious.  Portion sizes were very fair and it was all well presented.  The prices aren’t the cheapest but definitely worth it.  A full breakfast will set you back £10.50 but you can get eggs on toast for £5.  Coffee is a normal £2-£3 and smoothies and juices are around £5.brunch

You can see straight through to the kitchen and when you sit at the bar you can watch food being prepped.  The chefs in there were professional yet playful, one of which rubbed whipped cream on another’s face (I didn’t check if he washed his hands!) which i found quite endearing and charming as it is nice to see people having fun in their jobs.  It may have been different if he had sprayed the entire thing over him though!

The toilets are down the stairs towards the stables and are quite a quirky addition to the modern look upstairs.  They are clean and quite big filled with little oddities such as a stuffed bird holding a light bulb which makes going for a wee a little more fun!

All in all, I couldn’t fault the Riding House Cafe on… well… anything really.   It’s a lovely, casual brunch place which is perfect for a date or a day out with the girls. 

9/10 !




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