The Breakfast Club are a popular “cool” choice.  Pretty cheap and usually guaranteed for some good grub.  I met a friend at the Breakfast Club in Soho where he had been waiting in the queue for 45 minutes and was finally getting towards the front when I arrived (always a good tactic to employ).  Inside it is very small and cramped or “compact” depending on how you look at it.  The decor is quite quirky and bright and it does kind of make you (or possibly just me) feel like you’re in some sort of cartoon. 

The waitress came over quite quickly (obviously as they need the table back asap) and our drinks of a latte and a black americano came out within minutes and were actually pretty good.  I ordered the vegetarian version of the posh sausage sandwich and my friend ordered El Butty.  Considering my first impressions of the little cafe weren’t great the food made it all worth it and I can see why people queue for so long.  The red onion chutney worked really well and did indeed transform the regular sausage bap into, as it says, a posh sandwich.  My friend really enjoyed his el butty which was chorizo and egg in a warm roll and claims that’s what he gets every time he visits!  Must be good. 

posh sausage

This place is a good little find and is a good, cheap choice if you don’t mind either getting there super early or having a long queue.  It is probably more for going with friends rather than a date as nothing kills chemistry like standing in the rain for 45 minutes.  It is also a little claustrophobic for me and I may stick to one of the bigger venues in future.



33 D’arblay Street, W1F 8EU


020 7434 2571