I am a bruncher.  A bruncholite.  A lover of the made up meal.  It’s advantages?  You can have either breakfast or lunch for a start!  2 choices of meal at one time?!  The mind boggles.  Also, it’s an acceptable meal to drink at.  You can’t drink at breakfast BUT if you have breakfast food at brunchtime a mimosa is practically obligatory.   It’s a civilised mealtime where we can meet up with friends at a reasonable hour at the weekend and indulge.  We rarely feel guilty dining out at “nice” places for brunch as it will never come to half as much as dinner would.  And here leads us to the question which brunchers often ponder… where?

I intend to test so that you don’t have to.  If you struggle for a good brunch location whether for a date, family or friend occasion then I really hope that I can be of some assistance when you are looking at the mountains of places on offer.  I also enjoy the fact that when I now go out for brunch instead of my father thinking it is pretentious, I can merely tell him that I am working 😉

Enjoy fellow brunchers x