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I have visited Del Aziz on several occasions and whilst the quality of the service varies greatly the food is consistently good.  The staff have a tendency to ignore you and then drinks can be extremely slow in their arrival (sometimes I’ve even had my food before my morning latte arrives) but when they finally do arrive they fill that gaping hole of inadequacy with deliciously strong coffee.  The juices are all freshly squeezed and you can request your own mix if you so wish.  They also have a variety of smoothies but in my experience these are a little hit or miss. 

The restaurant is decorated in mediterranean hues of purple and dark wood and there are lots of turkish style artwork scattered around.  The bar area has a glass floor at the back which is quite a quirky addition.  The cafe/deli at the front of the restaurant has long tables and amazing looking cakes on display.  The smell of the freshly baking cakes also fills the little area making it feel quite homely.  Some sort of music is usually playing on a Sunday morning but I have been in there before where there was a man playing a guitar.  I quite enjoyed this but I know it’s not how some people would like to eat their brunch!  The clientelle is usually a young crowd of yuppie couples or a small family but it is also a good place to go with friends.  The tables are mainly for two but there are a few tables for four.  I think if you require anything bigger you should probably book as they do get quite busy.  There is an outdoor section for when it is sunny and the back wall opens up to let in the air so it rarely gets stuffy inside no matter what the weather.

Del Aziz has ruined scrambled eggs at any other establishment for me!  They are extremely buttery so you will either love them or hate them.  Unfortunately, if you do love them you probably won’t find anywhere else that does them as good!  The Portobello scrambled eggs are herbed and are really delicious but the mushroom itself is way too salty for me.  You get a lot of tasty bread which is baked on site and portion sizes are fairly large so whilst the meals aren’t the cheapest they are worth it.  The full breakfasts take a slight mediterranean twist with their home-made baked beans but the vegetarian full breakfast is vastly overpriced in comparison. del

If you prefer something sweeter for your morning meal the french toast and pancakes on offer look fantastic… although the french toast was much too dry.  You get a mountain of pancakes with huge amount of topping and there is extra maple syrup on the table if you want to be on a sugar high and for only £6.75 they are an amazing Sunday treat.

So, to conclude on Del Aziz, they are a quirky restaurant doing all of the brunch favourites with a little turkish twist.  You can expect good food in a lovely atmosphere but don’t be relying on quick service (and steer clear of the french toast!).



11 Bermondsey Square,
London SE1 3UN


020 7407 2991