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buckleIt’s been a while since my last brunch but as my life of travel seems to be dwindling a return to the urban domesticity of Sunday brunching seems apt.



I took some friends to our local “hot spot” Buckle & Vaughan in Winchmore Hill.  The decor is modern and the front opens up which not only makes it breezy in the current humidity but gives it more of a holiday feel.  Our waiter did not seem to understand our accents very well but with an Australian, 2 Irish and me with my mix of northern, Welsh and London it is quite understandable!  Our drinks arrived quickly and my latte was the perfect mix of creamy milk and strong espresso, although juice was bottled which was a disappointment.

After such a long brunch break I went for my old favourite of eggs benedict. My fiance (lots has changed in the last 3 years!) went for the farmhouse breakfast and our 2 friends went for the granola with fruit and the eggs florentine.

The food arrived quite quickly and was well presented.  I would have taken photographic evidence but unfortunately I was too hungry and wolfed everything down before a camera could be produced. My eggs were cooked beautifully but the hollandaise sauce was slightly acidic.  Despite this it was still lovely and I have no regrets on my choice.  The Man loved his fry up but he isn’t particularly fussy about his food.  Our friends on the other hand were not impressed.  The granola is described on the menu as being toasted but apparently it was very soggy.  I cannot comment as I didn’t try any but I have to admit it looked fantastic. Our friend with the florentine thought that his hollandaise was very acidic and described his breakfast as “average”.  I think this may be a slightly harsh critique as he is Australian and they take brunch to a whole new level.

Overall, I enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant and I enjoyed the food.  The toilets, whilst nice, had toilet roll over the floor and there was a door open leading into what I assume is the staff room with boxes and rubbish everywhere so this takes away from the image upstairs of relaxed chic.  I think we will be back at some point in the near future to test the granola as I refuse to believe something which looked so good could actually be as bad as was described. But then it did come from a reliable source…



10-12 The Green, London N21 1AY


020 8886 2981